“He wants sex all the time, maybe three days a week!”
“She never wants sex, maybe only three days a week!”

When it comes to sex, I wouldn’t want to be a man. Men are designed to love sex, to have sex, and to keep wanting sex as often as possible. This is one of their primal job descriptions: “Spread your seed far and wide!” Even without this command, men just plain love how sex feels. And the research shows that men feel more emotionally connected during sex. Hmm, sounds good so far.                                                                                                            
But what if it seems your husband or boyfriend wants sex all the time? What if you’re feeling inundated and overwhelmed by his sexual appetite? Some women find themselves outright hating the penis. Other women, too many women, don’t and won’t appreciate a man’s penis. If you’re one of them, here’s what I want to say.

Gotta make peace with the penis. Gotta find a way to love the penis. Does this mean you give in every single time he wants sex? NO. Fair’s fair. God didn’t design masturbation for no good reason. This means a man’s got to be a good sport about being turned down. No where is it written that men are promised sex everyday. (Maybe some religion…?) But nowhere is it written men should surrender sex once they commit to one woman. What do I think is the minimum for both sexes? Sex 3x week. Plus perks…

But what if he’s a lazy lover? What if he’s a selfish lover, and it’s all about his own pleasure? You tell him straight what it’ll take for sex to be worth it to you. Sex is a fair value exchange item as sure as if it was a business agreement. No pleasure, no incentive – no trade.

If he makes it worth your while, do not make it a habit of denying your man sex. And I’ll finish this by enhancing your relationship with his penis. Give this some thought. Talk it over with a friend or two. If you love your man, you want to also love his penis. Ponder names for his penis until you find a few choices that feel positive and endearing. 

When you’re ready, sit your guy down, unzip his zipper, and gently pull out his penis. Don’t worry about startling him. Most men would never resist this gesture. Nor would they care about an explanation. Sit yourself down eye to eye with his penis. Introduce yourself. Share your idea and ask him which name he prefers. Once he agrees to a name, stroke his penis, and sweet talk it, saying it’s name. Be friendly. Your man’s penis is a key part of his pleasure source. Love what he loves. 

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