The only person you’re meant to become                                                                                                         is the person you decide to be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ralph Waldo Emerson

I became intrigued by the idea of destiny by reading stories of famous, successful, and fulfilled people. At first glance these people appear to be just damn lucky. To the contrary, successful people are just damn determined.

People who’ve achieved success have three things in common:          #1: They pay attention to their thoughts, ideas, instincts, visions.          #2: They take their thoughts, ideas, instincts, and visions seriously. #3: They ignore the concept of failure, eliminating the fear of risk.

Whether it’s in the area of love or work, family or creativity, people come to me to help them achieve their goals and their dreams. The idea is that by fulfilling their goals and dreams, they will be happy.
I recommend one practical step to kickstart their vision into action. Their enthusiasm level is high. For example: Start a conversation with the girl in the Starbucks line. Sign up for a beginning class in architecture. Get a booth for your artwork at a local art fair. Book the trip to India. Move to New York. Be a DJ at your friend’s party.

There’s only one step at a time. Simple, right? Then why do some            people succeed and others don’t? You can blame it on your stomach. The roadblock to achieving your destiny is that queasy feeling when you imagine failure or embarrassment. Yes, it’s that simple and that small, yet it’s actually robbing you from your life’s happiness, creativity, and dreams.

So I say to you. Whether you have one lifetime or many incarnations, THIS lifetime is in your hands. You are in charge. You DO have a destiny. Your destiny IS waiting for you to fulfill it’s vision. Choose.

I dare you to openly declare yourself to yourself. The next time you get an urge or impulse to take an action: Say “Hello!” to your queasy feeling, then declare inside or out loud, “I’m going for it! THIS life.    MY life.  MY destiny.”

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